English Presentation Business English Lessons

The business English lessons that you will find below will help you practice or develop your English presentation skills. If you want to have a more detailed English presentations course you can go to the home page for John’s Online English and select the course description for English Presentations. (Click on the Lesson title to go to the lesson)


Business English Lesson – English Phrases for Presentations – Transitions and Topics

The English Phrases for Presentations business English lesson will look at the different phrases that you can use for introducing a topic and for moving from one topic to another topic.

Business English Lesson – Developing Your English Presentations

Developing your English presentations is a business English lesson that will help you to decide on the content that you will need in your presentation. It will also enable you to have a more concise presentation that should better achieve the results that you want.


You can see the English Job Interview Business English course description at https://johns-online-english.com/english-for-job-interviews/

You can also view John’s Online English’s videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk7wrbiwHTkuMK85G0eanTg

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