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This English for job interviews course will prepare you for your next job interview.  Your confidence going into the interview will be higher, you will be better prepared to answer the interviewers’ questions, and you will have an increased chance to get the position.

Job interview coursesDuring the course we will go through preparation for your interview and part of this will be preparing answers to the job interview questions.  Another part will be practicing answering interview questions.  To prepare for the questions we will review standard questions as well as possible questions for the job you are applying for.  Also, we will prepare stories (examples) of you accomplishing something that can be used to help answer some of the questions.  The stories provide a different way to answer the questions and can make your answer more interesting.

One of the techniques we will use is what I call “show & prove”.  Prove is where or how did you acquire the skill, and show is a story or example of you using the skills, or exhibiting the traits.  These can be used for many of the answers to prove that you have the skills or traits that they are looking for, or to show (use an example that shows you using the skills or exhibiting the traits).  By doing this your answers will be better and more believable.  Some people try to be too flashy and just say they have the skills and traits, but this will not be good enough for experienced interviewers.  We will prepare answers for many of the standard questions, especially some of the tricky questions.

English courses onlineThere will be lots of time to practice your answers to the interview questions.  First we will just review the questions individually, so that we can develop the best answer.  You will also write answers for some of the harder and trickier questions, so that you have a chance to refine your answers before you have to verbally answer them.  We will then move on to situations where you are answering more than one question in a session.  At all times you will get feedback about how to change or improve your answers.  Later we will have mock interviews during which we will have a more real life situation to put you under some pressure.  The end result will be that you will be more confident in answering questions and you will be able to answer them in more fluent English.

Since this course primarily involves speaking we will also work on your pronunciation, intonation, and spoken grammar.  This will ensure that the interviewers have a better image of you and will look at you more favourably.

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