Other English Courses at John's Online English


Other English Courses include:

Resume Courses:

The Resume Courses will guide you through the process of writing your resume.  Writing your resume is not all that we will do.  First, we will gather the information that you will need to write your resume as well as for you to understand the skills and personality traits that you have.  We will also use this information and your resume to do some preparation for answering questions in a job interview.

General English Courses:

In the General English courses we will look at pronunciation and intonation and look at methods and exercises that can help the student to improve on both of these.  As well, we will look at and study Common errors.  These are common mistakes that non-native English speakers make when they are learning English.

Business English Courses:

The Business English courses will be quite similar to the General English courses, but will have a heavy focus on Business vocabulary and situations.  If there is a need, there can be some preliminary Business letter and email writing included in this course.

English Courses at John’s On-line English are designed with the individual in mind. We can tailor the content of all our English courses to fit the level of skill and particular requirements of our students. No matter what your level of English is I am sure that you will find that we can help you reach higher levels and at the same time improve your chances in the job marketplace.

please contact us if you have any questions about any of the English courses on offer or have particular requirements that you do not see mentioned on our website. We may very well be able to help.

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