This course will prepare you for your next job interview:

  • Your confidence going into the interview will be higher
  • You will be better prepared to answer the interviewers’ questions
  • You will have an increased chance of getting the position

During the course we will go through:

  • Preparation for your interview
  • Prepare answers to the questions
  • Prepare stories (examples) of you accomplishing something
  • Practice answering interview questions

One of the techniques we will use is what I call “show & prove”:

  • Prove is where or how you acquired the skill
  • Show is a story or example of you using the skills, or exhibiting the personality traits

There will be lots of time to practice your answers to the interview questions:

  • We will just review the questions individually
  • You will also write answers for some of the harder and trickier questions
  • We will then move on to situations where you are answering more than one question in a session
  • Later we will have mock interviews during which we will have a more real life situation to put you under some pressure

Since this course primarily involves speaking we will also work on your pronunciation, intonation, and spoken grammar.

We would begin by first having a meeting between us in the classroom (there is no charge for this meeting).  This will allow you to see what the classroom is like, meet the teacher, and be able to tell the teacher what you want to learn.  The teacher can ask you questions about your English learning needs, as well as assess your English level.  After the meeting you can decide if you wish to take the course, how many hours you want to have, and then pay for your choice.  We hope to see you in our Interview Online Courses.

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