Group lessons combined with one to one lessons in one Business English Course

To provide different ways for you to learn business English, John’s Online English will now offer a combined group business English course and a oneGroup Business English Course to one English course in one package.This new way of offering online business English courses combines weekly group lessons with one to one lessons in a six week period. You get six one and a half hour group lessons weekly and six one or one and a half hour individual lessons weekly. More individual lessons can be added if you wish.

These group lessons will have two or more students studying the same business English material together. The largest class size will be six people. Get some friends and take the group courses. It can also be arranged for you to team up with strangers that want to take the same English subjects. The combined group and one to one courses will consist of the following:

  • Six weeks of lessons
  • Per week – 1.5 hour group lesson and 1 hour one to one lesson
  • You can choose to have 1.5 hours or more of individual classes
  • Up to 6 people per group class

Why take a Group Business English Course?

Why should you take a combination group/individual course like this? You will not only receive group lessons, but also have at least one hour per week of individual lessons to deal with your English learning needs. This combined course will help you to have a faster improvement than a regular group course. You can take these courses to improve your English, or to work on problem areas. You may also want to prepare for a job interview, prepare for English tests (ILETS, TOEIC, etc.), or for overseas university entrance exams. These combined business English courses can also be used as a refresher course to keep your English at its current level.

How does the Group Business English Course work?

What happens is the group lessons are used to go over the main material while the one to one lessons are used to refine your learning.  The group lessons will cover assigned work from the previous week, practice the new material, and start new material from which work will be assigned for the next class.  In the group lessons students start the new material and will have assigned work that is designed to increase your understanding and prepare you for the next class.  The one to one lessons will go over the assigned work, practice the material covered in the group lesson, and then focus on your individual problem areas.  The individual lessons will be targeted at your English needs using the group lesson English learnings and will improve your English quicker than just group classes.

This type of course with its group and one to one lessons should lead to quicker improvement for you at a lower cost than strictly one to one only courses.  What do the participants and the teacher need to do in order for the combined group and one to one business English course to be effective?


  • Prepare for class
  • Do assigned work
  • Review assigned work before one to one lesson
  • Tell teachers the problem areas you want to work
  • Work on problem areas identified by the teacher
  • Do the assigned work and be prepared for the lessons


  • Develop assigned work
  • Help identify the student’s weak areas
  • Work on the student weak areas

The process, a quick review:

  • New material covered in class to help you with your initial understanding
  • Assigned work is to reinforce your learning
  • Covered in the next class to find problems and further your learning
  • Practice to further solidify your learning
  • Work with teacher in one to one lessons
  • Work on and improve problem areas
  • Ensure your understanding of the material
  • More practice to reinforce your learning

John’s Online English Group Business English Courses

Job Interview

This English for job interviews course will prepare you for your next job interview.  During the course we will go through preparation for your interview and part of this will be preparing answers to the job interview questions.  This course will be split into two courses.

Preparations (six week course)

  • Research for resume
  • Review your jobs and activities
  • Look at Show & Prove

Show & Prove and Answering questions (10 week course)

  • Using the preparation part in the first course (Show & Prove, etc.) to help with the answers
  • Write answers to key questions
  • Practice answering questions
  • Practice interviews

See – for more information about the courses.

Business Writing

In the English business writing course we will look at a process to use for any type of writing, as well as grammar and common errors. This writing course will improve your English business email writing and other business writing. The course could be a 10 week course.

  • Preparation – process to follow for most writing
  • Email writing (Three part email; Preparation; Practice)
  • Types of emails
  • Report writing is a possibility, but it would require more time

See – & for more information about the courses.


This English for business presentations course will help you generate better presentation visuals and improve your presentation skills. You will have opportunities to give practice presentations. The course will either be two six week courses or one 10 or 11 week course.

  • Write – preparation and contentGroup Business English Course
  • What conclusion or actions wanted
  • Key points for conclusion or action
  • Support for key points
  • Presenting – style and practice
  • How to give presentations
  • Practice for more information about the course.

Pronunciation & Intonation

This English course will help your pronunciation in two ways: the first is working on your vowels and consonants sounds; and the other is working on your use of intonation. Pronunciation deals with the way we say consonant and vowel sounds in English. English Intonation comes from the extra emphasis (stress) that native speakers place on certain words. The rhythm in English comes from this emphasis placed on certain words (nouns, main verbs, adjectives, and adverbs).

  • Work on pronunciation
  • Tongue and mouth positions for vowels and consonants
  • Consonant endings
  • Diphthongs
  • Intonation
  • What is it
  • Practice

See –

General business English

This Business English Course will deal with many things related to learning business English. We will look at the different business situations that are requested by the student. We will also work on pronunciation and intonation, and grammar.

  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

See – for more information about the course.

Customized Course

Don’t limit yourself to the above courses. You can combine pieces of two or more business English courses together, such as presentations with pronunciation, or design a refresher course with business writing, intonation, and practice for a job interview or a sales spiel, to make your own English course.

  • Parts of the above courses
  • What the students want to study

The different approach used in the combined group and one to one business English courses will maximize your learning in fewer hours and lead to a greater improvement in your English. While it is not as individual as straight one to one classes you will get the benefit of a weekly one to one lesson at a lower cost.

Pricing for Group/one to one business English Courses

You will receive 15 hours or more of instruction in the group business English course of your choosing. There will be nine hours of group lessons, 1.5 hours weekly, and six or more hours of one to one lessons. The price will range from $180US and up. Why the “and up”? The lowest price will be for groups of six, so you can see that the more people in the group lessons the lower the price per person. Also, if you want more than the 1 hour one to one lesson your price will be higher. Further group discounts can also be discussed.

After paying your money you may wonder what happens if you miss a group lesson due to circumstances beyond your control. Don’t worry, the new material and assigned work will be emailed to you as well as any additional information needed to help you understand the class material. An additional 30 minutes will be added to the next one to one lesson to cover the new material and assigned work. There is no extra charge for the first instance, but you may be charged for the next and subsequent misses.
All lessons will be done with John’s Online English’s virtual classroom, which you will be able to access through the website. You will need an iPad or Microsoft computer as well as a land line internet connection or very good Wi-Fi.

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