What this course will do is make you:

  • More comfortable speaking in public
  • Allow you to give more effective English presentations
  • Help you generate better presentation visuals
  • Hold the audience’s attention

Things we will look at are:

  • Style – we will look at videos of people giving a presentation
  • We will work on taking the different features of different presenters and develop a style that suits you
  • We will practice this style so that it becomes part of you
  • Pronunciation and intonation
  • Using exercises
  • Short talks
  • Teacher analysis of your speaking
  • Useful phrases and sentences for different parts of a presentation including
  • Introduction
  • Transitioning from one topic to another
  • Summarizing
  • Concluding, etc
  • Designing your presentation
  • Review how to use PowerPoint and some of its many features
  • One feature we will definitely study is animation
  • Practice
  • Presentations
  • Short talks
  • Other exercises

Before beginning this course we would have a meeting with you in the classroom (there is no charge for this meeting).  The meeting will allow you to see the actual classroom, meet the teacher, and be able to tell the teacher what you want to learn about presentations in English.  The teacher can ask you questions about your specific learning needs, as well as assess your English level and your problems in English.  Your next steps after this meeting would be to decide if you want to take the course, how many hours of instruction you need, and then pay for your English course choices.  We hope to see you in our Presentation Online Courses.

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