Business English Course Videos – English Job Interview

How to Approach a Job Interview

You do not want to show up for an interview without preparing for it, so watch this Business English Course Video about how to approach a job interview. This video looks at a very good approach that will help you prepare for you next English job interview. As well it discusses a method to answer some or many of the key questions that you will be asked – it is Show & Prove.

Prove is telling the interviewers where you learned the skill or how you acquired it. Show is telling a story or giving an example of you accomplishing something at work, or in an extracurricular activity, that will show you using some key skills and exhibiting some personality traits.

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Business English Course Videos – Business English

How to Improve Your Business English

In this Business English Course video we look at different Business English courses that are available as well as things you can do to improve your business English. The Business English courses we look at include: English Job Interview and Resume Writing; English for Presentations; English Email Writing; Writing; and Business English.

Some ways to improve your business English are watch business news programs in English,

read English business magazines, and look for Business English podcasts on the Internet.

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Virtual Classroom

This is not really a Business English Course Video, since it is not about a Business English Course. This video shows you the Virtual Classroom that John’s Online English uses to teach or present all the courses. In the video you will hear about what the classroom can be used to teach, as well as, the features found in the virtual classroom. In the classroom you can use a whiteboard, review and use Word documents, look at Excel files, review PowerPoint presentations, and look at YouTube

videos. It is almost like being in a real classroom.
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Business English Course Videos – English for Presentations