Course Description

Writing EnglishThis will be a general paragraph and possibly essay English writing course.  After finishing these writing lessons you will be able to write more easily, be clearer in your writing, and be more comfortable writing what you want to write.  In the course we will look at the process to use for writing, grammar and common errors, sentence structure and organization, good writing habits, analyzing sentences and paragraphs, and writing practice.

One of the most important things you will do is the process to go through before and while you are writing.  Before writing you should think about what you want to write, organize your ideas, write an outline, and then start to write.  The process is a little more formal than this, so we will go over it during the course.

We will also look at different types of paragraphs such as descriptive, narrative, process analysis, definition, and opinion.  Besides writing these different types of paragraphs we will also look at examples and analyze them for:

  • What makes them good?
  • What the individual sentences are doing?
  • How the sentences fit together.

This analysis will not only include looking at the paragraph itself, but also analyzing the sentences.  We will review the function of the topic sentence, the ending sentence, and the supporting sentences.  We will also look at what they do, how to write them, and how to make them better.

English writing coursesOne way to improve your writing is studying examples and practice writing.  We will have examples of the different types of paragraphs to study.  We will start with writing sentences and what is entailed in this then move on to writing whole paragraphs.  There will also be writing exercises to help you practice different types of paragraphs writing.

The end result will be improved writing, write more easily, your writing will flow better, and you will be more confident in your writing.

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