John’s Online English wants to work with you to make you more confident in business situations.  We want you to be successful and get that next job that you want.  We want you to be able to write what you want in business emails and reports.  We want to take you to the next level in your Business English. 

How will we do this?  It’s simple.  Using our virtual classroom and working together with you, we will customize the one to one course of your choosing.  We have English Presentations, Business English, English Job Interview, English Resume Writing, Business Correspondence, and English Writing courses.  All you need to do is go to the registration page and sign up.

The courses will be online using our Virtual Classroom, in which we will be able to use a whiteboard, share documents and files, watch videos, and review presentations in real time. The classroom has real time two way video and audio where we will be able to see and hear each other.  The screen size of the video feed that we see can be adjusted at any time.  The online classroom allows me to upload Microsoft Office files and You Tube videos that we can use, study, and watch during the class.  These are things that cannot be done in online language teachings through Skype.  In the virtual classroom we can do many of the things that can be done in a real classroom without leaving our homes or offices.

To start with we will have a free first session where we will have a discussion between yourself and myself to determine what it is you want to learn.  Also, you will get an explanation of how I propose to teach you. During this session we will also work on some of the English problem areas that you have identified and we will have a chance to discover other English weaknesses that you may have.  As I pointed out at the start of the paragraph this session will not cost you anything, and it will last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your learning and course requirements.

The main Business English courses that I offer are: English for Job Interviews, English for Presentations, English for Business Correspondence (writing emails), Resume Writing, Business English, English Writing, and a General English Course.  These courses can be modified to meet your needs.  They can also be combined into one course in different proportions.  They can be flexible for the number of hours, the content, the scheduling, etc.  The courses can also be flexible in regard to postponing a scheduled course.  Taking an online Business English course with John’s Online English can be very flexible in various parameters.

The main teacher will be myself, John. I have 10 years’ business English teaching experience, mostly from teaching in Taiwan at one of the top business English schools (the International Trade Institute). As well, I have over 20 years’ business experience in telecommunications and financial planning. My education includes a BA in History, and an MBA in which I focused on Finance and Marketing.  So, I have the business background and the business English training to be offering to you Business English courses online.

As you can see John’s Online English is for serious leaners of English.  My philosophy is that I want to take you to the next level in your English and ensure that you are more comfortable in business situations. Also, that you are prepared for your next English job interview and that you are better able to write what you want to write for business purposes.  If you are dedicated to improving your English, then together we can take your English to the next level.  I hope to see you soon in my virtual classroom taking one of my Business English courses.


You can see and find out more about our virtual classroom at YouTube –  As well you can see my other Business English Course videos by going to John’s Online English’s YouTube channel at