What is business English and what can you do to improve your English in business situations?

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For Business English courses let’s talk about what you can do to improve your English in business situations.  There are two pieces to Business English courses, the basic vocabulary and pronunciation associated with business and English, as well as the specific Business English courses. 

What is in a Business English Course

The vocabulary that I am talking about is the special words associated with different business departments such as Finance, Marketing, HR, etc., and different industries.  Pronunciation, itself, is not specifically part or Business English, but it should be part of any English course.  The second part is specific Business English courses such as: 

Each course will have related vocabulary and phrases that are used in the different situations associated with that course.  The course, depending on who you take it from, may also teach you about how to act and react in the business situations. 

How to Improve your Business English

One way to improve your Business English is to take courses in Business English.  They can be general Business English courses or the specific courses mentioned above.  These course can be found at your local English cram school, or online through a website.  You will also find most of these courses at John’s Online English where you can customize them to your liking.  With any luck you will be able to select the course that suits you from the language course provider that you want, and you will be able to improve your Business English. 

Besides taking courses at English Language schools or online schools you can watch business news channels on TV or online in English.  This will help you with discovering the vocabulary used in business as well as expose you to more English.  There are also podcasts about news and business that you can find online.  Listen to these podcasts because they will help you with your English and with your business vocabulary.  A good way to learn more business English is to read business magazines and newspapers in English.  You can either buy and read the paper copy, or you can search online for well know business magazines and newspapers.  These will increase your business knowledge and your business vocabulary. 

Above are some of the ways that you can work on and improve your business English.  Personally I hope that you go to and sign up for one of my one to one Business English courses.


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