Learn Business English online

Take your Business English to the next level

Job Interview

This course will prepare you for your next job interview. You will

  • Have increased confidence in the interview
  • Be better prepared to handle and answer the interviewer’s questions
  • Increase your chances to get the position


This business presentations course will

  • Make you more comfortable speaking in public
  • Allow you to give more effective English presentations
  • Help you prepare better presentation visuals


This writing course will improve your business email writing.

  • Write what you want to write in your letters and emails
  • Be more confident in your business writing
  • Have better communications with your customers and suppliers

Writing Course

After finishing this writing course you will

  • Be able to write more easily and more comfortably
  • Be clearer in your writing and be more easily understood by the reader
  • Be able to write what you want to write

Be more comfortable in business situations

  • I have attended John’s on line English since Jan. 2014. John has been a very professional teacher, he cares about pronunciation, and he is good in preparing material for my business English learning. His teaching is through comprehensive exercises, and learning methods. John prepared class materials based on my business English level and the mistakes I often made in English. He understands the common mistakes students often encounter during English learning. He is patient and dedicated in teaching and in correcting my mistakes.
    His method of learning English is logical. I don’t have to force myself to remember a lot of English grammar. He taught me the background of English words and the way people use, so I could easily understand and difficult to forget.
    Furthermore, John has great sense of business environment. He worked in the business field for a long time before he became an Business English teacher. His experience is helpful to come out with different business scenarios for practice. The knowledge I obtained from attending his class can be applied straight to my work.–Grace Liu, Grace Human Capital International