Why Take Personalized One to One Online Business English Lessons?

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Personalized one to one online business English lessons are just that, one teacher and one student in a virtual classroom or on Skype.  The reasons you should take one to one business English lessons include: there is more focus on you; you will have the full attention of the teacher; the lessons can be adapted by the teacher and you to meet your needs; and, you will get results quicker than from a crowded classroom.  Let us look more into why you should take personalized one to one online business English lessons.

The Business English Lessons Will Focus on Your Needs

With this type of business English lessons you can focus on what you want or need to do to improve your business English.  Since there is only one student the class the teacher can more easily determine if you have any pronunciation or grammar problems and correct them in class.  The teacher can also develop assignments or lessons that will help correct the English problems you may have.  The teacher can also focus on the type of business English you wish to study, such as English presentations, English for negotiations, etc. You will get quicker results because the teacher is focused on you and your problems and there will be immediate feedback on your English.  You will find that there will be more time to practice your English in a one hour class than if there were more students. You as the student are forced to learn because you cannot hide in the classroom, and the teacher will make sure that you do the lesson, that you pronounce properly, or that you write in a grammatically correct manner

You Will Have the Full Attention of the Teacher During the Business English Lesson

With the full attention of the teacher during the business English lesson you will get a full lesson and learn more in an hour than you would in a classroom with other students.  The teacher’s attention will be on you during the full lesson.  The teacher can ensure that you understands what has been taught and that you can do what was taught.  If you have any problems with the English lesson or with English during the lesson the teacher can remedy this at that time.  All this will help you learn more in your one to one business English lesson.

The Teacher can Adapt the Business English Lesson to Solve Your English Problems

The teacher can adapt the English lesson to your English problems, because the teacher will be able to see or hear any problems that you may have and help you fix them either in class or with a selected exercise or homework assignment.  When you have a larger class size it is harder for the teacher to discover your English problems because: your voice may be hidden by the other noises in the classroom; your assignments may be hastily reviewed due to the limited time the teacher has to review all the assignments; and, you may use the fact that there are other students in the class to hide your English language problems.  This is why a one to one business English lessons would be better for you to improve your English and your Business English. 

The Business English Lesson can be Customized to Your Needs

The teacher and you will also be able to customize the class easier to match up with your needs and wants. This is a little different than being easier to find your problems, because this is about adapting or customizing the course itself before you start the lessons and during the series of lessons.  More than one business English course may be combine to develop a different and new customized course for you.  The course can even be shortened to only one section of a business English lesson if you want a shorter course.  It all depends on what you want or need.

One to One Business English Lessons and a Virtual Classroom

One to one business English lessons means there is a teacher and one student in an English lesson, so there will be no other students in the class except yourself.  So, the teacher is more focused on you, since there is only one learner in the classroom.  It will be easier and quicker for the teacher to identify your pronunciation, grammar, writing, and other English problems. 

An online class means that the classroom is on the internet and it can be through Skype or through a virtual classroom.  There are features that you can use on Skype that make it similar to a classroom, but a virtual classroom, a classroom online, usually has more features available than Skype and is easier to use.  This is why John’s Online English uses a virtual classroom to teach online business English lessons.

John’s Online English’s Business English Lessons

John’s Online English provides one to one customized Business English lessons for your convenience.  These online courses will be held in our virtual classroom that has more features than a Skype classroom.  In cooperation with you, we will design the business English course to fit your English learning needs.  You will have input into the course and what you learn and it can be adapted as the course progresses. 

What do we add to an online business English lesson that you may not get at other providers?  We Customize the English courses to what you need and or want.  We start with the first course/interview session before you pay.  So it is free session where we will have a discussion about what you need and or want, we will talk about what course(s) you are looking at, and we will assess your English language skills.  There may also be some short assignments that you will do before the first session that we will review during our discussion.  We will work together with you to design the business English course that will do you the most good in improving your Business English.

You have read about the reasons to take online one to one business English lessons and a little bit about John’s Online English.  I hope that this gives you a better idea about one to one personalized business English courses.  You can find out more about our business English lessons/courses at  To take your Business English to the next level you should take one to one business English lessons from John’s Online English.

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