The Uses of Business English Lessons

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There are many uses for Business English lessons.  One is self-improvement by taking Business English courses you can take your business English to the next level and increase your chances for promotion.  It would also be easier for you to gain employment in international business where you will probably need to deal with overseas people in English.  Related to this would be working for a multinational corporation that would require English for everyday business operations and communications, not just English communication with clients.  You would also be able to work overseas for your government in embassies or to promote international trade.  Improved business English would be an asset as an international sales person or as a buyer for your company.  The above are some of the reasons that you should use Business English lessons or courses, and we will expand on them below.

Business English Lessons

Some of the business English lessons you can take include: English for Presentations; English for Negotiations; English for Meetings; English Job Interview; and English Writing (general, resume, reports and proposals, and emails).  English for Presentations includes how to do a presentation, English phrases to use, your presentation style, and presentation and slide design. English for Negotiations includes English phrases to use, how to negotiate, and the negotiation process.  English for Meetings includes English phrases to use, what are minutes and how to take, the typical meeting process, and roles in a meeting.  English Job Interview would start with the approach & preparation leading up to a job interview, how to answer some questions, and practice answering job interview questions.  English Writing could include: General – paragraph or essay writing, grammar, and practice; Resume & job search documents – preparation, grammar, style, and practice; Reports & Proposals – preparation, outline ad process, format, phrases, grammar, and practice; Emails – preparation, different types, format, phrases, grammar, and practice.

Promotions Due to Business English Lessons

Business English lessons could lead to promotion for the student, or at least to self-improvement.  After taking the lessons you should find that your frustration when dealing with others in English is reduced and this will probably lead to an increase in work enjoyment.  This is because you will have studied what phrases to use in certain situations and also have practiced speaking and writing English.  You will also find that you are better able to get your ideas across in English whether it is verbally or in writing.  Not only will others understand what you are saying, but your will have a better understanding of what English speakers are saying, or writing.   It will enable you to work with international clients and it will improve your emails and telephone conversations. 

International Business and Business English

Good business English lessons will prepare you to work in International Business, because you will be better able to deal with overseas companies in English through emails, on the phone, and in meetings.  As well, at trade shows, you will be able to communicate with and understand people, know what phrases to use, and have a process to deal with people.  You will be better suited for an international sales position because you can communicate with customers in English (written and spoken), and customers can better understand what you are saying or trying to communicate.  You could even work in purchasing where you might need to communicate with suppliers in English with emails, on the phone, and in meetings.  You might find that you need to manage international staff and your staff will be able to understand you and you will be able to understand your staff, which will lead to fewer miscommunications.  Therefore dealing with international business after taking Business English lessons will lead to better understanding with each other, and reduced miscommunications.

Multinational Corporations and Business English

Working for a Multinational Corporation (this may be overseas or in your home country) where the headquarters is not in your country requires you to have good English communications skills.  The company’s internal language may be English and you will need to deal with clients and suppliers all over the world in English.  So, Business English lessons will improve your English communication skills and will improve your chances to be hired by a multinational company.   It will allow you to communicate with staff and clients as well as upper management with better mutual understanding and fewer communication problems.

Government and Business English

Business English lessons will help you gain a government job because some or many government jobs may require good English skills.  This is especially true in government departments that promote the country or the country’s industries to foreign countries and companies.  These jobs may even be located in overseas offices that are mandated to promote trade between the two countries.  You might even attend trade shows on behalf of your government where the common language may be English.  In many governments jobs you might need to communicate with international contacts, therefore Business English lessons will help you to be better able to communicate and understand people and it will provide you with phrases to use in certain business situations.  These English lessons will lead to fewer misunderstandings and probably a better relationship with your overseas business and government contacts.

Uses for Business English Lessons (Conclusion)

As you can see there are many reasons and uses for taking Business English lessons.  Just to recap, some of the reasons are to: work for multinational companies; work in international trade; attend trade shows; and work for your government.  Taking business English courses will lead to improved understanding, better communications, and maybe even self-promotion to move into international business.  As you can see, taking these lessons, can have a beneficial outcome for you and your career.  I would suggest that you take business English lessons to improve your English communication skills in business situations, so pleasereview the selection of John’s Online English’s selection of courses using the course links above or further browsing my website (

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