Job Interview Question – Tell me about yourself

This question or questions that are similar will usually be asked during a job interview. Tell me about yourself is a little bit tricky in that they are really not asking for a complete autobiography.  These types of questions are opportunities for you to show or prove you have the skills and personality traits that they are looking for. Use your education, work experience, and extracurricular activities to help you in answering this job interview question.

  • Your education can be used to prove where you learned or acquired the knowledge and skills
    • You may also have accomplishments from school that you can use as stories (Show)
  • Your work can be used to prove where you acquired the skill through you job duties
    • Your work accomplishments can be used as stories (Show)
  • Your extracurricular activities (hobbies, clubs, etc.) can also be used to prove where you acquired the skills or for stories to show you using the skills
  • For this answer focus on your education, work experience and extracurricular activities
  • They do not want an autobiography, so only include the information that shows and proves you have the skills
  • For this answer you can use two or three Stories or examples

This is a short business English lesson dealing with the job interview question – Tell me about yourself.


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