Job Interview Question – What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This job interview question is very similar to “What is your greatest weakness?” with the addition of your strengths. Again, they are trying to find out more about your personality, including what you have done to identify and improve on your weakness, as well as what you see as your skill strengths. You will start out you answer in a similar fashion to the what are your weaknesses question.

  • Start you answer to this interview question with your one weakness even though they listed strengths first
    • Use the answer you would give to the “What are your weaknesses?” question
    • You start with your weakness first because the interviewers will more likely remember the end of your answer (strengths) than the beginning of your answer (weakness)
  • For strengths, come up with at least two
  • Say what your strength is then why it is a strength
    • You can use a short example (not as long as the stories mentioned in the Show & Prove method)
  • Then say what your next strength is and why it is a strength
  • The strengths you choose should be from the key skills they are looking for in this position

If you follow the steps above in answering this job interview question you should have no trouble in answering the job interview questions – What are your strengths and weakness?.


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