Business English Lesson – Using Show and Prove to Answer Job interview Questions

Show and prove is a method that can be used to answer some of the job interview questions.  Below you will find a discussion about what Show & Prove is as well as an idea about what you can do to use it to answer job interview questions.


  • You prove you have the skills by stating where or how you learned or acquired them.
    • This comes from lesson one where you looked at how or where you acquired the skills


  • You tell a story or give an example that show you using the key skills and exhibiting some of your personality traits while you are accomplishing something
  • What accomplishments do you have from work and outside of work?
    • These accomplishments can include, but are not limited to: work on a project; solving a customer’s problem; solving a company problem; organizing an event; changing a work process or the way something was done; coming up with product or process improvements; acquiring new business; and, developing a plan.
    • The places that you may have accomplished something include not only work, but also clubs, activities at school, and volunteer work.
  • Think about the skills YOU used to make it happen, as well as some personality traits that you exhibited at that time.
  • Now, make this into a story or an example by saying what the accomplishment was and then focusing mostly on what you did.
    • Write the stories using one or two paragraphs
    • Start with some details about the accomplishment
    • Talk more about what you did to accomplish it
      • You should talk about two or more key skills and at least one personality trait.


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