Job Interview Question – How do you handle pressure?

The job interviewers will ask you the questions “How do you handle pressure?” to find out more about your personality and to see if you will fit into the company. They want to see if you can handle pressure and what you do to reduce the work pressure on you.

It is best to answer how you handle pressure by telling them the steps you use to reduce the workload pressure on you. Here are the steps you should be going through to reduce the pressure.

  1. Prioritize your work items
  2. Do the most important first – this should help to reduce the pressure you are under
  3. Do the other items as you have time
  4. How do you relax – this is the way that you relieve your stress.

By prioritizing your work items you will see the ones that are the most important for you to do. If you do the high priority work items first, you will reduce your workload pressure. The less important items can be done when you have the time. The interviewers will also want to know how you relieve the stress caused by the pressure of your workload. They will want to hear things like exercise, relax with friends, read a book, etc.   They will not want to hear that you go out and party and get drunk.

An English aside about the meaning of the words pressure and stress:

  • Pressure comes from outside forces
  • Stress comes from inside you and is caused by pressure

The above is a good way to answer the question “How do you handle pressure?”


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