Job interview question – What is your greatest weakness?

Since this is a job interview question that the interviewers use to find out more about your personality and specifically to see what you do if you know you have a skill weakness, it is important to answer this question using a well thought out process.

  • You first need to decide on what weakness you have in your skill set
    • Make sure it is a real weakness and that it is not an important skill for the position you are applying for
    • Saying that your weakness is that you are a workaholic is not really a weakness
    • Also, don’t pick “afraid to talk with people” if you are applying for a sales job
    • Pick one that you have or had, and that you have been doing things to improve upon it
  • Give only enough details about the weakness to show that it is a weakness (one or two sentences)
  • Spend most your answer to the job interview question talking about what you have done and are doing to improve upon this weakness.

By following the steps above you should be able to have a good answer to this job interview question – What is your greatest weakness?.


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