Business English Writing Lesson – Before You Start Writing – The Writing Process

This short business English writing lesson is about what to do before you start writing your final draft. It will give you a writing process to follow that will help you to improve your English writing skills.

I believe that if you follow the six steps that I have outlined below, you will improve your English writing.

  1. Think about it and write down your ideas for the topic or for the content
  2. Review your ideas and write down any new ones
  3. Pick your topic and then brainstorm ideas for content (skip this point if you had your topic before starting with point 1)
    • Some of the ideas from point 1 could be used as well
  4. Review and organize your content ideas (some can be removed)
    • This would now be your Outline
  5. Write your email from your outline
  6. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

The first time you proofread do not worry about grammar, but check to see if you have covered all the details and ideas that you need to. Also, check your spelling. For the second proofreading you can worry about the way you organized your sentences and paragraphs as well as grammar. The last proofreading is the final go over for everything including spelling, grammar, and your idea organization.  If you follow this business English writing process you will find that your final written product will be improved.


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