English Resume Writing Lesson – English Resume Preparation Steps

In this English resume writing lesson we will look at the preparation and gathering of your resume information. In other words this would be your English resume preparation prior to beginning to write it. There are some steps you should go through, some information you should collect, and some thinking you should do before beginning to write your English resume.

English Resume Preparation

Information to collect includes your current and prior job duties (use verbs to describe them), clubs or extracurricular activities your were or are involved in, and your education

For job duties, think about what it was you did to do the job. As stated above, think of the actions you took and write down the verb or verbs that can be used to describe the actions. When you list your different jobs you can list the job duties in point form.

Do the same for extracurricular activities. What duties did you perform in the various clubs and activities you participated in? Write down the actions you took in the form of a verb or verbs. If you include your extracurricular activity in your resume you will be able to list the duties that you did in point form.

In regard to your education, especially post high school, you can review the courses that you took, any projects that you did, and any club or extracurricular activities that you participated in. What specific things did you learn in school that relate to the skills that may be required in your work career? Were there any projects or reports that you did that relate to your chosen career path? List the duties that you had to do for any extracurricular activities.

By following these steps in your English resume preparation you will ensure that you have gathered the information you need to include on your English resume. You will also have some of the information that you can use to answer many of the job interview questions because you will know where you learned or acquired the skills. Remember that it is important to have done these steps in your English resume preparation.  


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