Business English Lesson – Writing English Emails – The Start

The following Business English lesson will take you through the starting steps to writing English emails. The six steps that I have below are very similar to the six steps that I included n the first business English lesson for Writing. These steps should help improve your English email writing.

  1. Think about what you want to write in your business email and write down your ideas
    • Information about you and your company
    • What you want to do or ask
    • Next steps
  2. Review the ideas and write down any new ones
  3. Organize the ideas (some can be removed) into an Outline
    • First part – why writing, who you are (not your name – your position in the company), who your company is
    • Second part – more information, ask questions, etc.
    • Third part – next steps, polite ending
  4. Write your email
  5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
  6. Send

The first time you proofread worry less about spelling and grammar and more about whether you have covered all the details and ideas that you need to. Also, check your spelling. For the second proofreading you can look more at the way you organized your sentences and paragraphs and a little bit more about grammar. The last proofreading is where you go over everything including spelling, your idea organization, and especially grammar. This process will help you in writing English emails.


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