Business English Lesson for Business Email Writing – Business Email Structure

The Business Email Structure email writing lesson will cover the standard structure you can use in business correspondence (email or letter). The standard English business email will usually have three sections or parts, each with its own paragraph. This lesson will also give you some idea what to put in each part.

As mentioned above, your business emails should or can use the three part structure that includes: why you are writing (purpose); the main body (information, questions, etc.); and the next steps and polite ending (the finish).

The first section can be called the purpose and it includes the reason you are writing. You can be writing to ask questions, give some information, request something, introduce yourself and your company, etc. In the first section, if it is the first time you are writing to this company, you should include your position in your company (job title) and some information about your company (name, product, what you do). This is so that the reading will decide that they should read your email and respond to it. You should also mention why you are writing: “I wish to ask you some questions about your products”; “We are interested in expanding into another market and, we heard about your company”; “We have a new product that you may be interested in”; and so forth. Do not write too much in the first section because you are going to give them more information in the second section.

The second section is where you write about what you said you were going to in the first section. If you want to ask questions, this is where you write them. If you were going to expand your market, this is where you give more information. If you are selling a new product, include some of your product information. You do not need to load up this section with lots of information just include enough to get their interest.

The last section is where you give the next steps and a polite ending. The next steps may be something as simple as please reply to this email at, or I will contact you next week. It can be more serious in that you may wish to arrange a meeting with them: “I would like to arrange a meeting with you next week if it is convenient”. Your ending should be polite: “I hope to hear from you soon”, or “Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we will talk soon”.

That was a quick business English lesson on Business email structure talking about the three part email and what to include in each part


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